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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 10:01

Who says you can't graduate while on the mission? This week we celebrate four brothers and sisters who have completed degrees while wholeheartedly serving and reaching the lost at their One Year Challenge site.oyc graduate

At a recent Sunday service, these disciples were honored before God's family. One brother and one sister completed Master's degree programs from the University of London. One brother received a Master's degree from Abilene Christian University and a sister received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts.

These brothers and sisters made a decision to finish their degrees while on the mission. This reflects a Matthew 6:33 heart — a heart that seeks the Kingdom first. We honor their committment to the mission, while at the same time upholding the conviction to steward God's gifts--in this case, an education!

When is the best time to go on a mission? This week The OYC Guys share seven reasons why going on a mission before you turn 30 is a wise decision. But they conclude with a compelling reason to go at any age. By going, you show the world the value of the gospel.

New Content on the One Year Challenge Blog:

Some big decisions are difficult to make, but then, some are not. The speediness and sureness in which we make our decisions depends on the perceived value that that decision will bring. Should it not be for us Christians and the decision to be missionaries for his gospel?

Slow Down to Accelerate Leading means breaking out of your comfort zone. Ed Stezer writes about five things that leaders need to give up to lead effectively.

Your To-Do List is Not a Plan Karl Vater's reminds spiritual leaders to be visionary, not just methodical.

Great Images: The World's Mother Tongues Check out this infographic showing the mother tongues that will endure into the future, as more languages become extinct.

What We're Reading Today From Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit: "The world is not moved by love or actions that are of human creation. And the church is not empowered to live differently from any other gathering of people without the Holy Spirit. But when believers live in the power of the Spirit, the evidence in their lives is supernatural. The church cannot help but be different, and the world cannot help but notice." Each week we post a selection from a book disciples who are considering going on a One Year Challenge could read as part of their preparation.

Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites Around the World This Week's Monday Music is a tribute to all the campus One Year Challenge sites. We have campus sites in Pennsylvannia, Alabama, West Virginia, Washington, North Carolina and Oregon.

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