OYC: Auburn, AL has 11th Baptism of 2017 Featured

Monday, 06 November 2017 13:38
auburn 11baptismThis week we are excited to announce that the Auburn OYC site had its eleventh baptism of 2017! The baptism was also the seventh baptism in the past year for the Tuskegee University campus ministry.
The campus ministry in Auburn University has been busy organizing Bible studies and Bible discussions. With two of the four AU disciples graduating in May, this strategic campus ministry in a college town is looking for brothers and sisters to come and help.

Our Auburn OYC site has also dedicated itself to reaching out to singles. This year the Auburn Tuskegee Christian Church (ATCC) baptized two singles. The singles group includes soldiers at Fort Benning in nearby Columbus, Georgia. There are enthusiastic sisters and brothers who are waiting for leadership to continue this growth.

The members of the ATCC stand ready to team up with OYC volunteers. They are excited and ready to work! And the fields there are wide open, with great opportunities to train and full-time staff to support you. There is also mentorship and guidance available from the North River Church of Christ, only two hours away.

Thinking about an OYC at Auburn? Learn more!

More good news, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: "Hope you are well. We're super excited that we finally have an option to offer housing to potential OYCers! We recently had a couple move into the church here and they intentionally bought a large house to accommodate long-term interns. We don't have the budget to offer a stipend but we can hook people up with housing!"

This week, the OYC Guys talk about why planting and growing churches, not programs, should be our utmost priority. It begins with answering the question: "Where are Christians actually made?"

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