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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:26

OYC HowardHoward (in the white t-shirt) was reached out to by a One Year Challenge volunteer earlier this year. After studying the Bible for several months, he decided to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Just weeks after his baptism last month, he volunteered to spend a Saturday serving at a facility that cares for the elderly. As a university student he learned the gospel; now he's living it! This is the ultimate goal of the OYC: to expand the kingdom of God in this fallen world.

"You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world." These words of Jesus remind us that the Great Commission isn't just about growing our churches. The Great Commission is about bringing "salt and light" to every dark corner of the globe! Where will you bring the power of the gospel to next?

Hear the convictions and experiences of six sisters who all faithfully decided to go on a One Year Challenge at the same site! These sisters had the conviction to go on a One Year Challenge, and arrived this August to serve together — making disciples of all nations and to preaching the gospel to those who have not heard.

Hannah Graham served for a year in Alaska on a OYC. Here's a video she made to share her OYC experience.

New Content on the One Year Challenge Blog:

Helping New Disciples Become Disciple-Makers Jeff Christopherson explains why prioritising growth of the individual Christian, rather than helping him/her to be a disciple-maker will eventually make a church inward focused. He admonishes us to avoid what he calls "trickle-down evangelism".

Featured Article: Are We Learning from the Mission Field? Evangelist Christian Ray reminds the American churches to learn from the Eurasian churches that they planted and he reminds us all to learn from our brothers and sisters on the mission field.

Great Images: Summary of Exodus Check out this infographic explaining the roots of the different languages of the world.

What We're Reading Today From A Portrait of Paul: "Let eternity press upon your soul. Meditate on the coming day. Consider the significance of that hour for every soul that has lived, is living, or will live...You cannot rest until those committed to your care are safe at home, and you will be kept by Christ in the faithful discharge of that duty." Each week we post a selection from a book disciples who are considering going on a One Year Challenge could read as part of their preparation.

Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites Around the World This week's Monday Music comes from Australia, where we have a great OYC site in Sydney!

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