OYC: New Arrivals in Birmingham, UK and Scotland Featured

Thursday, 12 October 2017 21:41

oyc scotlandThis week at the OYC, we are excited to see new arrivals Nick Potter in Birmingham, UK and Emily Schaub (below, in the pink shirt) in Scotland. They will serve and be trained for a year at each of these locations.

We praise God for brothers and sisters like Nick and and Emily who step out in faith to take the One Year Challenge!

The OYC Guys get into some theological talk with big implications. Which takes precedence: Adam's Commission or the Great Commission?

What are the convictions we need to stop living a Christianity focused on self-help rather than world evangelism?

New Content on the One Year Challenge Blog:

"Missions Exist Because Worship Doesn't" We make disciples to help men and women all over the world repair their broken relationships with God through humble discipleship. Through humble discipleship we hope to bring them to joyful and loving worship.

Featured Article: Right or Righteous? Righteousness has a deeper meaning than simply being right. ICOC teacher Fred Faller breaks down the biblical concept of righteousness.

Globalization and the Gospel Globalization is making reaching out to friends from all corners of the earth easier than it ever has been. Keri Folmer encourages us to take advantage of this global phenomenon to spread the gospel to all peoples.

Great Images: Old World Language Families Check out this infographic explaining the roots of the different languages of the world.

What We're Reading Today From How People Grow: "When we encounter God’s discipline, we need to be willing not only to agree with the truth, but to live out the truth — that is, to turn around, or repent. Repentance means that we truly will change what needs to be changed." Each week we post a selection from a book disciples who are considering going on a One Year Challenge could read as part of their preparation.

Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites Around the World This week’s Monday Music comes from Norway, where we have a great OYC site in Oslo!

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